• Follow your progress
• Connect to fitness apps and devices
• Access to the Trainerize mobile app
• Customized online training program
• Track stats and workouts
• Meal plan option
• In-app messaging with your trainer

You get a complete meal plan with the ability to change foods depending on preference and a complete shopping list to make preparing meals simpler. This is a perfect way to maximize training results, learn about proper nutrition, and condition yourself to lead a healthy lifestyle.


*On Sale All Month Long*

4 Week Training Plan

Online Training

Online Fitness

Once you become a client, don't think that you will be left with a program and have to simply "figure it out". Upon downloading the app, you can message me anytime by pressing my logo at the bottom left of the screen. Now when you have a question, you can ask an educated, certified fitness professional (me), instead of the guy at the gym throwing dumbbells around.

Need Meal Planning and Nutrition Assistance?

Research has shown the combination of exercise and proper nutrition is 450% more effective than exercise alone in taking off and keeping off unwanted pounds. When it comes to any workout or fitness program, nutrition is imperative! By adding a nutrition package onto your personal training plan, you now have the ability to get professional meal plans put together by registered dietitians.